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Premium Birthday Package - Virtual Reality Odyssey

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Virtual Reality is a whole new form of media immersion. Through a headset, hand controllers, and station sensors, your movements become integrated into a virtual world: stand within the solar system, pluck a planet, and hold it close to your face; physically duck and weave within a boxing ring; pull levers and handle artifacts while exploring exotic escape rooms with friends. Whether it's working out or relaxing, facing fears or living fantasies, exploring historical ruins or the human bloodstream, Virtual Reality delivers the apex of high tech immersion. The possibilities for entertainment and education are boundless.


5 headsets for 1 hour, 4 Boomers pizza with 2 liters of soda, and gift card good for 1 hour of VR. No cash back. No cash value. No credit given. No refunds.

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Virtual Reality Odyssey

Virtual Reality Odyssey

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